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DDay Success or Disaster essays

DDay Success or Disaster expositions Twenty years after the finish of the First World War a man named Adolph Hitler of Germany started a ...

Thursday, August 27, 2020

DDay Success or Disaster essays

DDay Success or Disaster expositions Twenty years after the finish of the First World War a man named Adolph Hitler of Germany started a Second World War. On September 1, 1939 Germany attacked Poland, which had a settlement with France and England to secure them. The English, French and Polish were all ill-equipped to battle, and thus were beaten horrendously. By the following spring France had been completely taken by the Germans. While Germany and there partners, Italy, controlled the entirety of the western piece of Europe. Britain, France and now America needed to calculate an approach to assume the responsibility for Europe once more. There choice was to attempt to storm a sea shore in Normandy France. It would be one of the bloodiest war fights in U.S. History. This raging of Omaha Beach would be a triumph in light of the fact that despite the fact that the partners lost a great deal of men, they despite everything had the option to take the sea shore, which drove them to take the mainland. This was the start of t he end for Hitler and his Nazis. Hitler and his accomplices, Japan and Italy, committed numerous errors, which opened the entryway for the unified powers to make this activity conceivable. Germanys serious mix-up was that Hitler had gathered a gigantic maritime armada to attempt to attack England. Hitlers believing was that on the off chance that he tried to conflict with one of the best maritime armadas on the planet that he would not have the option to complete it. He likewise understood that the British would anything to stop a German attack. So Hitler deferred and in the end dropped the assault. Regardless of whether he had lost the attack into England, he could have in any event harmed the British naval force. His accomplice, Italy, had gotten northern Africa, and Japan acquired the US when they not just bombarded the naval force base Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, yet in addition hit different U.S. assets like the Philippians. Presently that the U.S. was in the war, Germany had its hands full. The partners continued arranging when they could go shorewards and assume responsibility for France once more. In the mid year of 1942 Britain and Canada really t... <!

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Participation Rates in Texas

Residents take part in administration by casting a ballot and guaranteeing that the legislature is straightforward and responsible. America, being the principal vote based system in the word, has among the most elevated paces of citizens’ interest in issues of administration. The rates are anyway lower than national normal in Texas State.Advertising We will compose a custom article test on Participation Rates in Texas explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Texans support rate in casting a ballot is shockingly low. Champagne and Edward report that in 2006, under 30% of Texans qualified to cast a ballot took part in a gubernatorial challenge brimming with political substantial loads (32). Low investment rates in casting a ballot and different parts of administration results from mastery of governmental issues by moderate elites. These elites have ruined change progress. Be that as it may, with continued endeavors from common society and government, Texans interes t rates will go up. Generally, Texas has had an extended fight to permit ladies and racial minorities to cast a ballot. At the point when Texas joined the Union in the seventeenth century, casting a ballot rights were constrained to white grown-up men. Women’s testimonial development constrained the administration to stretch out democratic rights to ladies. The government respected women’s request and in 1920, ladies appreciated equivalent democratic rights with men. Be that as it may, ethnic minorities like African Americans and Hispanics stayed detached onlookers in the discretionary procedure. Whites commanded political and monetary foundations and banished ethnic minorities from casting a ballot. White preservationist elites passed laws requiring ethnic minorities to pay survey charge before they could take part in races. This assessment served to disappoint African American and Hispanic voters who found the duty restrictive. Hispanic voters who qualified to cast a ballot could just decide in favor of applicants that their white managers liked. This prompted a court fight that Federal courts ruled for ethnic minorities. The court requested Texas government to pull back white essential and survey charge as pre-capabilities to cooperation in casting a ballot. The white lion's share went to different measures to lessen ethnic minorities’ support in decisions. Schmidt refers to â€Å"at-enormous races and racial manipulating of political decision region boundaries† (54) as a portion of the strategies that white larger part utilized to keep ethnic minorities from the polling form. Today, Texans take part in legislative issues and government through different ways. The first is through decisions. To meet all requirements to cast a ballot in Texas, one should be eighteen years of age or more, be an enlisted voter in the state or more all, be an American resident. One can along these lines take part in races by casting a ballot or dynam ic commitment in battles. People can chip in time, cash, and administrations to a political race they consider worthwhile.Advertising Looking for paper on government? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More than decisions, one can partake in legislative issues through premium gatherings. These gatherings constrain the administration to achieve changes for advancement of people’s lives. Furthermore, one can partake in government and legislative issues through shows, campaigning council, and now and then through rough fights. Schmidt contends that degree of instruction, financial status, age, and quality of ideological groups impact voter turnout in United States of America (54). Texas lingers behind different states as a result of a mix of variables. Dominant part of Texans mull in destitution and their training levels are lower in contrast with different states. Political awareness is along these lines low and subsequently t he low investment rates. Champagne and Edward attest that states with â€Å"older, better-taught populaces with generally high incomes† will have higher paces of citizens’ cooperation in government. More than being politically cognizant, instructed individuals comprehend the unpredictability of the voting form process without hardly lifting a finger. Another explanation behind low support rates in Texas is the flood of workers. Illicit or not, most settlers avoid social administrations and political support because of a paranoid fear of expelling. Besides, outsiders are not knowledgeable in America’s appointive procedure. Residents partake more in the political procedure when they have powerful trade guilds and comparable affiliations. Texans need such associations and preparation to end up voting is typically awkward. Texas’ culture assumes a significant job in impacting cooperation in governmental issues and administration. Texas is among the states tha t needed to withdraw from the Union during the common war. Racial isolation was more extreme than in different states. There is a high populace of foreigners and practice of Mexican culture is more significant than in different states. Texans are unfriendly to burden movement and along these lines the constrained administrations from the state. Worker's guilds are extraordinary and the way of life of ideological groups isn't as settled in all things considered in different states. Intrigue bunches have along these lines been essential in disturbing for changes in a generally traditionalist state. The gatherings have concentrated on women’s testimonial, casting a ballot rights for ethnic minorities, and improved investment in administration. ‘Getting involved’ intrigue bunch for example teach and prepare individuals to take an interest in legislative issues. All in all, Texas lingers behind in political and administration support on account of low proficiency leve ls, destitution, and convergence of migrants. The state has an enemies of associations mentality that denies residents a significant assembly apparatus. The political culture that is a component of different states is inadequate in Texas. Looking forward, intrigue gatherings can keep on campaigning for enactments that mirror the assorted variety innate in Texas. Common training can likewise assist with teaching individuals on advantages of voting.Advertising We will compose a custom exposition test on Participation Rates in Texas explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Works Cited Champagne, Anthony, and Edward J. Harpham. Governing Texas: An Introduction to Texas Politics, Boston, MA: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning, 2013. Print. Schmidt, Steffen W. American Government Politics Today: Texas Edition. Boston, MA: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning, 2010. Print. This paper on Participation Rates in Texas was composed and put together by client Elise Sellers to help you with your own investigations. You are allowed to utilize it for research and reference purposes so as to compose your own paper; in any case, you should refer to it in like manner. You can give your paper here.

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What Is History Essay Samples?

What Is History Essay Samples?History writing is a fun form of writing that most students will want to try, especially when the subject matter is on their course. However, many students can find it difficult to determine what the best history essay samples are for them. Not only do students have to consider their subject matter, but also the format of the essay that they choose.A lot of students simply copy and paste any essay samples that they find online. While this is a quick and easy way to go about doing this, it does not reflect the right direction in the writing process. In other words, they must write with their own thoughts in mind before choosing their essays.The first thing that the student chooses should be the focus of the essay. For example, if the essay was on the industrial revolution in the United States, the topic would need to focus on the basics of the industrial revolution. Whether the essay covers the invention of the steam engine, or the invention of the tracto r, the topics should relate to the subject matter of the essay.At this point, students can make use of the resources available to them and their college or university to determine the types of essays that they will need to prepare for the university or college that they want to attend. These resources usually include reading assignments, literature review papers, and even the reading material. The list of writing samples is usually endless when it comes to writing in the English department.What is history essay samples for students with experience in writing? For example, students who already know how to structure a coherent and well-written essay will find that these essay samples can be very helpful. If a student has a knowledge of academic writing or history, they may feel at a disadvantage because they are unfamiliar with the basics of the essay.As a solution, the best solution is to take advantage of the writing samples available. These types of essays are designed to be as clo se to the skill level as possible. Many times, these essay samples will be tested, which will help students determine which skills they need to work on and which skills they already have.One of the most important aspects of this essay writing sample is to have some type of essay on hand at all times. This is to ensure that the essay is ready to write before the next test. There is nothing worse than running out of time on a test when the essay is not ready.Most students will be very thankful to have the information from these history essay samples when they have their exams in a few weeks. The great thing about these written essays is that they give the student something to focus on while working on their essay. They may also provide them with the type of structure that they need to make sure that they are not going to run out of time or material.

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Costing Techniques Qualitative Techniques Essay

Costing Techniques Qualitative Techniques Qualitative cost estimation techniques are based on a comparison analysis of a new product with the products that have been manufactured previously in order to identify the similarities in the new one. Cost estimation for product similar to a past design is done by identifying similarities between old and new product with the help of historical design, manufacturing data and previous experience of an estimator. Sometimes, cost estimation can be achieved by making use of the past design and manufacturing knowledge encapsulated in a system based on rules, decision trees, etc. Intuitive Technique The intuitive cost estimation techniques are based on using the past experience. A domain expert’s knowledge is systematically used to generate cost estimates for parts and assemblies. The knowledge may be stored in the form of rules, decision trees, judgments, etc., at a specific location, e.g., a database to help the end user improve the decision-making process and prepare cost estimates for new products based on certain input information. Case Based Technique Cased-based reasoning (CBR) approach is designed to estimate the cost of a product by assuming that similar products have similar costs.[15] have given overview of CBR process Decision Support System These systems are helpful in evaluating design alternatives. The main purpose of these systems is to assist estimators in making better judgments and decisions at different levels of theShow MoreRelatedQuantitative Techniques Used By Marketing Costing, Time Driven Activity Based Costing Essay1071 Words   |  5 Pagesa product or service. Hence over the past years different costing techniques are evolved such as operation based approach, case based, break down approach, feature based costing, Activity based costing, time-driven activity based costing etc. These techniques are classified based on techniques with similar features. They are mainly classified into qualitative techniques and quantitative techniques. Qualitative cost estimation techniques are based on a comparison analysis of a new product with theRead MoreEnhancing Quality Strategic Decisions for the Government of Uganda1335 Words   |  5 PagesCurrently the government of Uganda is being accused by the the development partners for not setting their priorities right especially in the health sector. Discuss some of the qualitative and quantitative techniques that can be adopted to enhance quality strategic decisions. Not more than 5pages Solution In resource limited settings there prevails unending situations of resource scarcity. This poses difficulties to governments especially when it comes to considering national priorities in the processRead MoreAnalyzing The Market Trends And Developments Essay1383 Words   |  6 Pagessatisfying this under-met need in the national marketplace. This report intends to discuss the following topics: - Analysis of market data to interpret market trend and development. - Analysis potential that will impact on business - Analysis perform qualitative of comparative market - Analysis potential of competitor - Analysis marketing activity - Forecast market need 1. Access a range of both internal and external data relevant to the business you have chosen and to assist you in identifying marketRead MoreRole and Practices in Management Accounting Today3208 Words   |  13 PagesProcesses 7 5.3 Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis 8 5.4 Role of Management Accountant 8 6. Role of Management Accountants within the Corporation 9 6.1 Activities of management accountant 9 6.2 Tasks where accountability may be more meaningful to the business 9 7. Current and Future Trends of Management Accounting 10 8. New ways of management accounting 12 8.1 Total quality management (TQM), 12 8.2 Just-in-time (JIT) production and purchasing methods. 12 8.3 Activity-based costing. 12 9. CONCLUSIONRead MoreSwot Analysis : Abc Costing System1605 Words   |  7 PagesPortfolio 2, ABC Nowadays, the development of technology allow the company reduce the cost from direct labour and material cost, but the indirect or overhead cost become significant high. Therefore, price decisions on each product become essential. ABC costing system is a form of splitting overhead costs into different overhead activities. The costs are then allocated to products or projects proportionally by their cost driver activity levels. In another words, this system result the manager to look atRead MoreSection 1.1: Aim Of Report. This Report Will Briefly Go1157 Words   |  5 Pagesanalyse a series of paper based reports to then eventually produce the set of management accounting reports. This would be done through the following techniques; †¢ Budgeting †¢ Capital appraisal †¢ Standard Costing †¢ Variance Analysis All these techniques would be used on a daily basis and most likely done by hand. As with the advance in accounting techniques in their accuracy, reliability and effectiveness to convey information, so has the technology used by accountants to provide this information beenRead MoreThe Role Of Accounting And Finance Methods1710 Words   |  7 Pagesof both quantitative and qualitative elements. Therefore, while capital investment will not usually be carried out without an assessment using an investment appraisal technique, the decision amid other alternates will not be made exclusively by this assessment. Other elements to take into account are the aims and goals of the organisation, the financial resources obtainability, the effects of cash flow and their integration into the total cash financial plan and qualitative elements and non-quantifiableRead MoreThe Function of Management Accounting in a Law Firm2166 Words   |  9 Pagestools and techniques like budgetary control, standar d costing, marginal costing e.t.c. ii. Classification of Data - Raw accounting data for instance, can be properly classified under legal service, territory, customer and period. Similarly income figures for different segments of the business may be compiled and classified separately and the data modified as required by the management. iii. Control - Control is one of the basic functions of management. Standard costing, budgetaryRead MoreManagement Accounting System862 Words   |  3 Pagesinformation that consist every single aspect from the company. There are so many way tools and techniques applied for a Management accounting system. It could be financial and non-financial tools and techniques. List of Mananagement Accounting : - Daily bank reconciliation and support - Journals and reconciliation - Maintenance of tax accounting fixed assets - Profit and loss accounts -Target Costing - Revenue repots - SWOT analysis - Reports which consist of how many tenant checkRead MoreImpacts of Consumer Choice on Related Product Branding on Consumer Choice3749 Words   |  15 Pagesbrand on consumer choice. This research involves a census study of various households living in Kiamunyi Residential estate (Nakuru). This research seeks to collect data through self administered questionnaires. The data will be analyzed by use of qualitative and inferential statistics. Data presentation will be through graphs, tables and pie charts. The significance of this study is to enable individual consumers to effectively make better choices on products that are similarly branded. This is due

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American Military Culture The American Army - 935 Words

IV. American Military Culture The American Army s history, composition, and structure predisposed the leadership to a rigid fixation on conventional warfare. In contrast to the British army-as-force-projection model, the American Army found its first task a matter of national survival. This historical trend - the continued perception of the Army fighting a war of annihilation - helped in many ways to keep the Army purely focused on its military objectives. Unconditional surrender was the name of the game, and smaller political goals were seen at best as derivative to, and at worst, preventative of the fabled total victory . The varied composition of personnel which make up the US army also ensured a degree of formality, and a deference to rank. The structure, born of open-combat wars at large scale, was constituted around large divisions, which often rotated officers and manpower in and out. In short, everything within the Army was organized -rigidly- around the principle of a large scale conventional war. What worked against the Germans would work against the Russians. This difference in purpose also manifested itself in a formal doctrine of superior firepower: it was codified that the proper way to destroy the enemy was by employing the maximum possible amount of artillery, aircraft, and armor in battle - this would ensure the greatest victory with the lowest cost of lives. This formal doctrine, organized around conventional war, would prove very detrimental both inShow MoreRelatedThe Great Deal Of Military Scholarship1530 Words   |  7 PagesThere has been a great deal of military scholarship written on the greatest battles of the world and has influenced these armed forces fighting in these grand battles. Two of these scholarships are discussed by Victor Davis Hanson, a military historian specializing on classical warfare and a current professor at California State University, and John A Lynn, a military historian specializing in early modern Europe and is a current professor at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Both booksRead MoreU.s. Armys Collective Team Efforts1291 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"This We’ll Defend† (U.S. Army Moto) are the words that encapsulate the ideals of the United States Army. Each word is meaningful. This refers to the United States, the U. S. Constitution and liberty. We ll references the army s collective team efforts, and defend refers to the primary function of the army as a defender of the nation, not an aggressor against others. () It was first used by the War Office of the Continental Congress during the American Revolutionary War in 1778, and it hasRead MoreProfessional Soldier : A Review1018 Words   |  5 Pages Professional Soldier: A Review of the Army Profession SSG Jordan Rickard Advanced Leader Course, Phase 1, Class 003 MSG Paula Doane April 26, 2017 Professional Soldier: A Review of the Army Profession â€Å"I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic†¦Ã¢â‚¬  From the second a civilian takes the steps to raise their right hand to coming out of Basic Combat Training as a United States Soldier they have putRead MoreAn Assessment of the Profession of Arms Essay1243 Words   |  5 Pagesstandards of skill, with competence and character. After nearly a decade of war the Army has decided to focus on creating professionals rather than just creating warriors. Leaders have realized the importance of being a professional and want to ensure that every soldier and civilian member of the Army understands the same importance. Therefore, the Army has begun implementing the Profession of Arms. â€Å"The Army is an American Profession of Arms, a vocation comprised of experts certified in the ethicalRead MoreThe Subculture of the United States Army Essay1122 Words   |  5 Pagesthe US Army. The Army defends the nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It is an exclusive group since not everyone in the country serves in the Army. The US Army’s official birthday is June 14, 1775, however its origins are much earlier than that. During British colonialism, citizens often had to take up arms to defend themselves, primarily against the Indians, since the British did not have a significant military presence in America. â€Å"Two concepts that still shape the American militaryRead MoreThe Meaning Of The Word Profession874 Words   |  4 PagesUnited States Army is in fact a profession. Millerson identifies the first component of a profession as â€Å"higher-grade, non-manual occupation†. Many academics agree that a key component of a profession is specialized skill based on a body of knowledge.3 Initially, many will contend that the U.S. Army does not pass the first requirement. Soldiers work long and hard often completing tasks requiring physical strength and endurance. At first glance, the composition and mission of the military underminesRead MoreHuman Resource Sergeants ( Hr Sergeants )993 Words   |  4 Pagesupon us by the Army. We must hold fast to our Army Values to which our profession is based on. A profession like ours is a calling not a job. The Army prides itself as being an organization made up of experts and professionals joined in a bond of service to the republic. With every Army victory, the Army proves its expertise and professionalism. The Strength of the Army’s talent is that it employs people from all walks of life. Th e Army of today is a representation of the American people. AsRead MoreThe War That Made America1317 Words   |  6 Pagesfree because of the brave. Most Americans know this to be true because of our current armed forces but more importantly our past. Our past militiamen and soldiers have gained us freedoms and homestead of our own religions, families, and the power to make our own decisions. Over the past few weeks I have read many different articles and a narrative by Fred Anderson, â€Å"The war that made America.†. Through all these things I’ve come to see how big of an impact our armies have made past and present. TheRead MoreThe Military Of The Army Today1283 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract In the Army today, we have dealt with many difficult complex challenges that put our nation in a difficult situation with the rest of the world and our troops. As American soldiers we are accountable for meeting certain standards and expectations in most of every mission we are given to accomplish. Desertion in our military takes away our motivation, inspiration Army values, beliefs expressed in code and creed, and is embedded within our unique Army culture for each of us to perform ourRead MoreUnited States Military Since The American Revolutionary War Essay702 Words   |  3 PagesStates military since the American Revolutionary War. They have also served in World War I, World War II, Vietnam War. Also, Muslims has fought in a recent war to Gulf War, Iraq War, and War in Afghanistan. During the Civil War over two hundred and ninety Muslim fought. The highest ranking Muslim during that war was Captain Moses, Osman. WWI and WWII there was 138,000 Sikh fighting as part of the U.S. forces in 2011. There was approximately 3500 American Muslims serving in the Army. 14

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The Mcgill Model Of Nursing - 1860 Words

This paper looks at the McGill model of nursing created by Moyra Allen with developmental assistance from her colleagues at McGill University. It focuses on maintaining health and the prevention of illness in the client, family and community. The use of this model when dealing with the current societal problem of obesity is largely effective, not solely for obesity but also the illness and disease that can occur along side it. By applying the practice based theory, and implementing health promotional practices the current obesity problem in the public can be prevented and solved. The Use of the McGill Model of Nursing to Cease the Obesity Pandemic Nurses all over the world base their practice on the various nursing theories to†¦show more content†¦Another way Allen contributed to the profession was by creating Nursing Papers, later referred to as the Canadian Journal or nursing research. Another way Allen contributed to the world of nursing was by participating as a founding member of the World Health Organization committee that developed the accreditation system for nursing schools; as well as the evaluation model for abroad institutes. In 1954, Allen began her monumental career at the McGill University’s School of Nursing. (Potter, Griffin-Perry, Stockert Hall, 2014, p.60) After the 1960s, Canada had an increased demand for nurse’s duties due to the health care reform. (Wright Gros, 2012, p. 176) Allen believed that nursing had two possible routes to adapt the profession to the changes in the health care system, the first, to expand the scope medically, or the second; the formation of a new role in n ursing that involves family health promotion. (Wright Gros, 2010, p. 176) While at the University Allen created the McGill model of Nursing and her colleagues assisted her in the development of the model. However, at first Allen called her model the â€Å"Developmental Health Model†, with the intent of separating nursing from other health care jobs, she later renaming it the McGill model. The model’s central concepts include, health, family, collaboration, and learning with great emphasis on learning. Together, nurses, clients, families, andShow MoreRelatedAn ?Analysis of? the Impact of the Mcgill Model and the Relational Nursing Model3609 Words   |  14 Pagesconstructs of the McGill model, for instance strengths. Twp survey relied on primary data from the two interview sessions with the resource family. The notes gathered during the interview sessions were content analyzed and the application of various nursing strategies investigated. Introduction The paper offers an analysis of the two interviews with the resource family. The analysis would offer a description of the motivational interview experience through the context of the McGill model of Family AssessmentRead MoreReflections Of A Nursing Student926 Words   |  4 Pages Reflections of a Nursing Student Chibuzor Eronini University of Alberta â€Æ' Reflections of a Nursing Student The interdisciplinary course is an essential pre-requisite for after degree nursing students. As a final year nursing student, I believe this course will help me to acquire the skills necessary for inter-professional practice. Furthermore, I will be able to develop competencies necessary to provide patient-centered care. For my classroom experience, my team members and I have beenRead MoreFamily Centred Care2050 Words   |  9 Pages Nursing has evolved in many ways over the years, in particular is the Florence Nightingale foundation of caring for the whole family and not just the patient. The following case study of Omid s story: The Power of Family-Centered Care highlights the positive and negative aspects of their family’s healthcare experiences , and models of family nursing and concepts of family-centred care. By comparing the theories and models to what is currently put into practice by today’s nurses and healthcareRead MoreThe Design Model Developed By Sister Callista Roy1560 Words   |  7 Pagestheir needs. Multiple conceptual models exist in order guide the evaluation process as well as to enhance the nurses’ scope of practice. The focus of this paper will be based on the Roy Adaptation Model developed by Sister Callista Roy, in which the model will be explained, analyzed and discussed through a clinical situation. Presentation of the conceptual model Sister Callista Roy established her first publication of the Roy Adaptation model in 1970 defining nursing as enhancing life processes toRead MoreCommunication Therapists And Speech Language Pathologists880 Words   |  4 Pages The interdisciplinary course is an essential pre-requisite for after degree nursing students as it allows individuals to acquire the skills necessary for inter-professional practice, as well as developing competencies necessary for patient-centered care. For my classroom experience, my team members and I have been studying the Mabel video series and reflecting on various aspects care on a multidisciplinary team, Mabel is a patient who suffered a stroke and has multiple interactions with the healthRead MoreThe Design Model Developed By Sister Callista Roy1563 Words   |  7 Pagestheir needs. Multiple conceptual models exist in order to guide the evaluation process as well as to enhance the nurses’ scope of practice. The focus of this paper will be based on the Roy Adaptation Model developed by Sister Callista Roy, in which the model will be explained, analyzed and discussed through a clinical situation. Presentation of the conceptual model Sister Callista Roy established her first publication of the Roy Adaptation model in 1970 defining nursing as enhancing life processesRead MoreDorothy Orem1533 Words   |  7 PagesPhoenix NUR 403 Theories and Models of Nursing Practice January 8, 2012 Mary McGill, RN, MSN DOROTHEA OREM Nursing Theorist Grid Theorist Selected: Dorothea Orem Description of Theory: â€Å" The central philosophy of the self-care deficit Nursing theory is that all patients want to care for themselves, and they are able to recover more quickly and holistically by performing their own self-care as much as they are able. â€Å" ( Nursing-theory.org, 2011) ThereRead MoreThe Delivery Of Healthcare Is The Proper Management Of Patient Pain1912 Words   |  8 Pages(an opioid) during the perioperative phase compared to patients who receive an alternate pain medication in the perioperative phase?† This PICOT drives a more practical question in the deployment phase of a related change in practice, how can the nursing staff ensure the proper measurement of pain so that optimal pain management can occur? Literature Review The review of existing literature as it relates to the implementation of evidence-based practice change for a pain management program involvesRead MoreConcept Analysis : Pain Management3568 Words   |  15 Pagesexamine the concept of pain management within the context of nursing, sociology and psychology. The overall goal of this concept analysis, is to gain a deeper understanding of pain itself, and to recognize appropriate pain management especially within the non-verbal patient. Concept Analysis/Essential/Critical Attributes Introduction Pain management is a concept associated with several different disciplines to include nursing, psychology, and sociology. The reason this topic was selectedRead MoreCommunity Health Nursing : A Continuum Of Care From Health Promotion And Prevention2342 Words   |  10 Pagesis to discuss community health nursing, and how it fosters nursing practice through the experience gained from analyzing two scenarios from the Aberhart Center Tuberculosis Clinic. The CARNA competencies will be applied to the experiences. Community Health Nursing Community health nursing is a continuum of care from health promotion and prevention to treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care (Canadian Nurses Association [CNA], 2010). Community health nursing is comprised of community health

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Campusfood.Com Case free essay sample

This paper begins by defining a business model as what a business does and how a business makes money doing those things. Then the paper defines four basic types of business models (Creators, Distributors, Landlords and Brokers). Next, by considering the type of asset involved (Financial, Physical, Intangible, or Human), 16 specialized variations of the four basic business models are defined. Using this framework, we classify the revenue streams of the top 1000 firms in the US economy in fiscal year 2000 and analyze their financial performance.The results show that business models are a better predictor of financial performance than industry classifications and that some business models do, indeed, perform better than others. Specifically, selling the right to use assets is more profitable and more highly valued by the market than selling ownership of assets. Unlike well-known concepts such as industry classification, therefore, this paper attempts to describe the deeper structure of what firms do and thereby generate novel insights for researchers, managers and investors. We will write a custom essay sample on Campusfood.Com Case or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page 1 Draft: May 6, 2004 Draft: May 6, 2004Do Some Business Models Perform Better than Others? A Study of the 1000 Largest US Firms Few concepts in business today are as widely discussed—and as seldom systematically studied—as the concept of business models. Many people attribute the success of companies like eBay, Dell, and Amazon, for example, to the ways they used new technologies—not just to make their operations more efficient—but to create new business models altogether. In spite of all the talk about business models, however, there have been very few large-scale systematic empirical studies of them.We do not even know, for instance, how common the different kinds of business models are in the economy and whether some business models have better financial performance than others. This paper provides a first attempt to answer these basic questions about business models. To answer the questions, we first develop a comprehensive typology of four basic types of business models and 16 specialized variations of these basic types. We hypothesize that this typology can be used to classify any for-profit enterprise that exists in today’s economy.